Our makerspace packages are all-inclusive

What’s Included

Makers in Motion® provides your organization with everything it needs to implement both an on-site and outreach Makerspace solution that empowers learners of all ages through engaging, accessible, project-based programming.

The key to success in digital fabrication education is how it is taught and integrated.

Digital fabrication education is more than just the tools and technology. It is how it is used, taught, and integrated. In addition to the equipment listed below, we provide you with intensive training, standards-aligned lesson plans and curriculum, operational support and coaching, and consultation services.


wdt_ID Accessories Premium Package Standard Package
1 3D printers 4 2
2 Laser cutter and accessories 2 1
3 Vinyl cutter 1 1
4 Portable CNC router 1 1
5 Design computers 24 18
6 Sphero® programming robots 10 5
7 iPads 6 3
8 Flat-screen TV 1 -
9 Pop-up canopy 2 1
10 3D printing pens and filament 8 4
11 Makey Makey® controllers 10 5
12 Soldering irons 4 2
14 Hands-on making tools
15 Laptop cases 2 2
16 Shop Vacuum 1 1
17 Consumables for equipment
18 Tactile-Assisted Design Kit* 2 1
19 Folding tables 4 1
20 Safety goggles
23 Retractable portable banner signs 2 1

* You can offer a Makerspace that is accessible to everyone. A Tactile-Assisted Design Kit is appropriate for people who are visually impaired and kinesthetic learners who respond best to a hands-on learning style. They build an object and feel how their design will be created. After constructing their design, it is imported into a CAD software application from which participants then digitally prototype their design using a laser or vinyl cutter. Just like all other participants in maker programs, they test, refine, and iterate their designs.

Should the purchasing site elect for the option of a Makerspace that can be transported to their different locations by vehicle, the purchasing site will provide a van and hydraulic lift that fits required specifications. If desired, the Makers in Motion® team can facilitate the purchase of the van and lift. This is not a requirement, and we are happy to provide a Makerspace that can be transported by carts throughout one building. Customization of any package may result in additional fees.


Carnegie Science Center’s team of digital fabrication educators have developed a Makers in Motion® curriculum package that includes standards-aligned, project-based lesson plans, presentations, and digital templates to prepare you to deliver engaging programming right away. The educational content can be adapted for students of all ages and experience levels.

Boy holding up a stencil sheet with different shapes

Project workshops:

In these short lessons, students design and create their own project using digital fabrication technologies, learning 2D and 3D design principles with a 1:1 computer/student ratio.

Woman holding a 3D project

Engineering challenges:

In these lessons, teams of students’ problem solve, design, prototype, and improve their solutions to solve a challenge using digital fabrication technologies.

Teenager attaching lights to fabric

Capstone projects:

These multi-day and -week projects involve collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking to define and solve an individual challenge. Taking six hours or longer, students use human-centered design to address personal, school, or community challenges.

Students in a classroom

Optimizing Facilitators:

Facilitators of the Makerspaces will receive extensive training and curriculum guides on the best ways to optimize the Makerspace. Our goal is to set up educators in a way that provides the best success for the future makers they serve.


Our team has perfected the art of building a successful traveling makerspace program. We’ll work with your team to provide intensive training, operational support, consultation services, and professional development opportunities based on your needs.

wdt_ID Training Premium Package Standard Package

Mobile Fab Lab Intensive


Van delivery and training


Consultation services

2 years 1 year

On-site professional development

2 1

Total days of training

11 9

Business Model and Operations

Makers in Motion® includes a detailed guidebook to help your organization through the training, piloting, and longer-term planning phases – including fiscal planning and budgeting – of your new mobile makerspace educational enterprise. Drawing on more than five years of experience conducting single-day programs, week-long events, field trips, teacher professional development sessions, summer camps, and even multiple-month, community-driven projects, Carnegie Science Center’s Fab Lab team gives you the tools you need to hit the road ready to make makers. We will work with your organization through regular virtual sessions to help integrate the Makers in Motion® mobile lab both within your organization and into the communities around it. Your mobile makerspace will be able to adapt to the communities who have touchpoints with it. We will guide you through this process and learn alongside you.

Income Potential

Working as a team, with the long-range goal of including your organization in a larger educational makerspace network that continues to grow with the addition of each new lab, we help get your new initiative into the communities where it is most needed. Makers in Motion allows you to create and deliver mission-driven programming that also stands to generate increasingly larger amounts of earned revenue, with the goal of becoming sustainable as rapidly as possible. This includes the potential for sponsorship opportunities utilizing your new mobile lab. Attractive to potential funders, the STEM-based, mission-driven programming allows for a diversified income stream, from out-of-pocket bookings to multi-year sponsorships.